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Introduces the advanced international production technology and high quality raw materials for the ceramic products.

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Advanced international production technology and high quality

  • Electronic motherboard application
  • pipeline
  • windblade
  • epoxy resin application
  • fiberglass mesh application
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Chongqing Dujiang Composites Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise integrating industry and trade. that sells composite materials and derivatives. Three generations of the company have accumulated more than 50 years And development, adhering to the service tenet of “Integrity, Innovation, Harmony, and Win-win”, established a complete one-stop procurement and comprehensive solution service system. The company has 289 employees and annual sales of 300-700 million yuan.

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Our News

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    The production process of fiberglass

    In our production, continuous glass fiber production processes are mainly two types of crucible drawing process and pool kiln drawing process. At present, most of the pool kiln wire drawing process is used on the market. Today, let’s talk about these two drawing processes. 1. Crucible Far...

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    The basic knowledge of glass fiber

    In a broad sense, our understanding of glass fiber has always been that it is an inorganic non-metallic material, but with the deepening of research, we know that there are actually many types of glass fibers, and they have excellent performance, and there are many outstanding The advantages. For...

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    Application requirements of glass fiber mat

    Fiberglass mat: It is a sheet-like product made of continuous strands or chopped strands that are not oriented by chemical binders or mechanical action. Usage requirements: Hand lay-up: Hand lay-up is the main method of FRP production in my country. Glass fiber chopped strand mats, continuous m...